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Mentoring for Craft Professionals – Instructor Copy

Mentoring for Craft Professionals – Instructor Copy

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The Mentoring for Craft Professionals curriculum is an important addition to NCCER’s workforce development training. The exchange in knowledge and guidance from those who are more experienced has been an important part of craft training and apprenticeship. This curriculum provides formal guidance to the craft professional entering a mentorship role. 

As the construction industry continues to struggle with a skilled workforce shortage, mentoring can be a valuable and inexpensive way to leverage the knowledge of journey-level craft professionals who are already on the job site. The long-tenured craft professional knows the way around a job site, day-to-day operations, and the company. Sharing that knowledge with those who are less experienced both reinforces what the craft professional knows and transfers that know-how to younger protégés. The important elements of a formal mentoring program are covered in this module. 

Mentoring is one of the most important leadership skills, particularly in a professional setting. It is a way to help others grow, learn, and improve in their craft. It requires good communication skills, an open mind, and a desire to share knowledge with those who are less experienced. 

For more information about this curricula and instructor resources, visit the craft title page on   

  • One module (12.5 Hours) 
  • Credential awarded if training is completed through an Accredited Training Sponsor 
  • ISBN: 978-0-9975705-5-7 

    Instructor Copy includes Lesson Plan, Trainee Guide and a download link sent after purchase with PowerPoint, Performance Profile and exam. Only Instructors or Master Trainers can order lesson plans, PowerPoints, tests or the individual modules that include tests. 

    To order this product, Instructors/Master Trainers must upload documentation on company letterhead that states the purchaser is an Instructor/Master Trainer for this company, institution or organization and include the Employer Identification Number. 

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