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Curriculum Performance Evaluator's Guide

Curriculum Performance Evaluator's Guide

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Newly updated in 2022! 

The Curriculum Performance Evaluator's Guide is used by a Master Trainer to conduct the Curriculum Performance Evaluator Certification Training Program. A curriculum performance evaluator is an individual certified to conduct and submit Performance Profiles. This guide covers topics such as the responsibilities of a curriculum performance evaluator, the policies and procedures of an Accredited Training Sponsor administering performance profiles and helpful resources to support you in your role as curriculum performance evaluator.  

  • Includes: Applicable PowerPoints, Accredited Training Sponsor Guidelines, Evaluation Techniques Module 

*If you are an individual looking to become a curriculum performance evaluator, please reach out to your Sponsor Representative for more information. 

**A Curriculum Performance Evaluator Guide should be ordered for the Master Trainer teaching the class, as well as everyone who will be completing the training. A new guide should be purchased if the original is lost or damaged, or when a new version is released. 

Module Topics and Hours

  • Introduction to NCCER and the Policies and Procedures required for Curriculum Performance Evaluators – 2 hours 
  • Evaluation Techniques – 2 hours 

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