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Craft Tour Poster #2 - Rigger, Mobile Crane Operator & Ironworker

Craft Tour Poster #2 - Rigger, Mobile Crane Operator & Ironworker

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The craft professional posters highlight three craft areas per poster. This poster features the rigger, mobile crane operator and ironworker.

This poster is 17”x 44” and sold individually. Allow four to six weeks for delivery because this item is printed on demand. Please note that due to this item being print on demand, it can not be returned or exchanged.

Please be advised, fulfillment of this item will take 2-3 weeks.

Poster Content


WAGES: $27.46 Hourly / $57,122 Annual*

Are you interested in practical physics? Do you love to work outdoors?

That combination is a good start to becoming a rigger. Riggers attach loads of construction equipment to cranes or structures using cables, pulleys and winches. Quick load calculations are necessary for each load and engineering principles are always in play. Riggers use various suspension techniques to get their load around obstacles on a construction site to the desired location.

Education: One to two years of classroom and on-the-job training.

Qualifications: Good depth perception and manual dexterity. Riggers also need to have good judgement and decision making skills.


WAGES: $31.17 Hourly / $64,843 Annual*

Don’t you wish your career could involve a screen and a joystick? No, we aren’t talking about becoming a professional video game player. Mobile crane operators use state-of-the art heavy machinery to move massive materials. A series of joysticks, levers, and pedals allow the operator to use his or her knowledge of load calculations to place materials around a construction site.

Education: One to two years of classroom and on-the-job training. Craft professionals handling toxic chemicals or other dangerous equipment must receive specialized training in safety awareness and procedures. Most mobile crane operators must be certified to work in the industry.

Qualifications: Good sense of balance, ability to judge distance, hand-eye-foot coordination, comfortable with technology, basic math skills.


WAGES: $27.50 Hourly / $57,196 Annual*

Ironworking is the ultimate in hands-on construction. If you are looking for an exciting career balancing from the top of a brand new skyscraper, then ironworking is for you. Ironworkers place and install iron or steel girders, columns and other construction materials to form the infrastructure all around us. Ironworkers must be detail-oriented to check vertical and horizontal alignment with plumb bobs, laser equipment, transits or levels – then they bolt or weld the piece permanently in place.

Education: Three to four years of classroom and on-the-job training.

Qualifications: Good hand-eye coordination, physical dexterity, good balance and agility, mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Ironworkers should not be afraid of heights or suffer from dizziness. Welder certification is very helpful in this field.

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