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Construction Workforce Development Professional – Instructor Copy

Construction Workforce Development Professional – Instructor Copy

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Construction Workforce Development Professional introduces advanced management training for the construction industry. With a shortage of skilled craft professionals facing the industry, this curriculum is designed to train those who are charged with recruiting, training and retaining the craft professionals needed for tomorrow’s workforce. 

This training will provide a clear understanding of policy compliance and how to oversee the operations of a CWFD program, including its facilities, utilities, materials, equipment, curriculum and assessment options, and staffing. This training also covers the development and maintenance of budgets as well as marketing and promotion of the CWFD program. 

For more information about this curricula and instructor resources, visit the craft title page on 

  • Total program length: 12 modules / 140 hours 
  • ISBN: 978-0-9975705-2-6 

Instructor Copy includes Lesson Plans, Trainee Guide and a download link sent after purchase with PowerPoints, Performance Profiles and exams. 

To order this product, Instructors/Master Trainers must upload documentation on company letterhead that states the purchaser is an Instructor/Master Trainer for this company, institution or organization and include the Employer Identification Number. 

Module Topics and Hours

  • Orientation to Construction Workforce Development (12.5 hours) 
  • Communicating Effectively (10 hours) 
  • Policies, Procedures and Program Integrity (10 hours) 
  • Skilled Professional Training (12.5 hours) 
  • Registered Apprenticeship Programs (12.5 hours) 
  • Managing Training (10 hours) 
  • Training Program Development and Administration (15 hours) 
  • Financial Management and Budgeting (12.5 hours) 
  • Workforce Recruitment (10 hours) 
  • Workforce Development Business Plan (10 hours) 
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Community Outreach (12.5 hours) 
  • Workforce Development Program Evaluation (10 hours) 

Instructor Requirements

For you to provide NCCER credentials to students taking Construction Workforce Development Professional, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Submit the Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification application
  • Pass the Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification assessment 
  • Be an NCCER Certified Craft Instructor 


The NCCER Construction Workforce Development Professional certification provides a credential to professionals whose primary role is to assist organizations and communities in developing and maintaining a skilled workforce. The certification provides a level of distinction in the construction workforce development field that has not been available until now.

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