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Assessment Proctor's Guide

Assessment Proctor's Guide

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Newly updated in 2022! 

The Assessment Proctor's Guide is used by an Assessment Administrator to conduct the Assessment Proctor Certification Training Program. An assessment proctor is an individual certified to administer and monitor journey-level assessments. This guide covers topics such as the responsibilities of an assessment proctor, the policies, and procedures of an Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) administering journey-level assessments, and helpful resources and best practices for proctoring an assessment.  

  • Includes: The applicable PowerPoints and the Accredited Assessment Center Guidelines 

*If you are an individual looking to become an assessment proctor please reach out to your Primary Administrator for more information. 

**An Assessment Proctor Guide should be ordered for the Assessment Administrator teaching the class, as well as everyone who will be completing the training. A new guide should be purchased if the original is lost or damaged, or when a new version is released. 

Module Topics 

  • Terms and Definitions  
  • Introduction to the NCACP and How the Program Works 
  • NCACP Personnel Roles, Certifications and Responsibilities 
  • Authorized Assessment Sites 
  • Delivering Journey-Level Assessments 
  • Industry-Recognized Credentials 
  • NCCER Card Number 
  • Program Policies and Procedures 

Recommended Training Hours: 3-hour program, includes Assessment Platform Training 

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